Monday, September 28, 2009


I never knew my grandfather and since I have been on my genealogy journey, I am trying to get to know him and put his life back together after my mom last seen him in 1969.

Of course I sent away for his military records since he was in World War II and of course they were destroyed in the fire at the archives. They sent me his final pay record and it was so coded up that my brother who is a Drill Sgt in the Army Reserve did not understand it. Of course the record was from 1946 but GEEZ all I wanted to know is, What did he do in the Army and in World War II?

I also sent a request to IL State Archives thinking maybe my grandfather registered his military record with the state after he was discharged from the service. To no avail they sent my check back for $10.00 and stated that they no longer provide death record look-ups since it has become so demanding. When did my military request turn into a death record look up? They had nerve to send me a social security look up for a Robert Smith that died in January 1975 in Peoria, IL. This could be him, but thats not what I asked for. Will try again since they sent me a listing of state agencies and what records they hold. My bad, sent letter to wrong agency.

I also sent a letter to IL State Veteran's Adminstration and the National Veteran's Cementary Adminstration. I have not heard back from them yet, but I have my fingers cross.

Come on grandfather I know you want me to know about your life.  I feel your spririt with me because I know I am on the right track. From the stories that I have heard, you were crazy about your daughter(my mom) and would have wanted her to know what happended to you!!


  1. Way to stay on task, Felicia! You'll track him down.

  2. Thanks Kathy,
    I know someone out there knows something. If I have to will send a letter to every govt agency and every IL agency. Promised my mom!!