Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This is my Grandfather Robert Lee Smith. Still trying to get to know him. My mom has some good memories. I just so wish I could have my own. Mom says all the time he was crazy about you and Greg, but how do I know that. I was just 2 when he disappeared. So for me, my quest is putting his life together after 1969. I have made some progress, recieved his last pay worksheet from army(records burned). So many codes I have to find out what they mean. Its funny because one thing I understood was that he did serve in WWII. I know given the chance I would have loved him and NaNa Odessa with all my heart, but both left before I really had a chance. I believe their spirit is with me, especially on this journey of genealogy and I am destined to do THEM PROUD!!


  1. *hugs* My boyfriend helped me decode my Dad's DD-214, since he was in the Navy too. Maybe a former soldier can help you decode the pay slip?

  2. My brother and I went over it last night and he did not understand, See my brother was at one time in active duty, but now he is in the reserve. I told him I was going to mail him a copy. The only thing we understood was that US Army gave him $4.40 for traveling. We laughed but, it is what it is.