Saturday, May 1, 2010


Earlier this week I recieved a call from a Mathis Cousin.

We were talking and shooting the breeze when she mentioned that my Uncle was turining 86 and my Aunt was having a Fish Fry for his 86th Birthday. (Catfish no Doubt)

I told her to call me when she get there because I have some questions about Family History for my Uncle.

She then said "Yeah, because I need to know about this Mathis/Matthews thing, I seen the Marriage Certificate".

Wow!! I was Blown Away, I never knew she even read my Blog and for to be concerned about the last name just blew my mind.

The night of the Fish Fry I recieved no phone call (Cousin's phone was dead), but nethertheless there was a lot of talking about Family History going on without me.

From what my Cousin told me when she brung up the subject of Genealogy and the Marriage Certificate the whole room was silent and she relayed some very interesting information:

Looks like there is a picture floating around of my Great Grandmother Alice Casey Matthews. My Uncle says he gave the picture to my Aunt to make a copy and she lost it. My Aunt says she just can't find it! LOL

My Uncle was able to name all of his Matthews Aunts and one Uncle, but did not mention of any children that they might of had.

My Uncle also said that Virgle Matthews Jr. was the one that used the Mathis name, as a matter of fact he used both. I'm thinking since Virgle was my Grandmother's older brother and he used that name maybe she just changed her name to Mathis. From what my cousin said "Grandmuh used to always talk about her brother Virgle, with Glee in her eyes. (My cousin said at that point someone was a little tipsy and was stating how they have been a Mathis all of their lives and did not want to change their name to Matthews)

But where did Mathis come from? Was it a name that Vigle was familiar with or was it a misspelling of Matthews? One thing is for sure that Virgle is the one that introduced the Mathis Surname and I have to find out WHY?

Since my Uncle is getting on up in age I need to get some oral history.

My Aunt is planning a big party for her birthday at the end of this month. Spoke to Mom and she is on for a road trip. See no matter what I find out she listens to me and is getting more interested day by day.  She is excited as I am.

I now need to go call my Aunt letting her know that Mom and I will be at her Birthday Party and make room. I will be keeping everyone posted . Plenty of Tweets throughout the trip and lots of questions for my Genea-Fam on what kind of questions to ask my Uncle and a whole lot more.

Until Next Time Fam!!

Source Cited: Dionne Mechelle Mathis Akerson


  1. Felicia,

    This is exciting, as it is all unfolding in front of you. I was just "complaining" to a family member, that if they were going to take the time to read my posts, it wouldn't hurt to leave a comment or two to help stimulate the dialogue and let me know they had been there! But like you, I did not realize they even read it. Keep us posted as the family dialogue opens up. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to do the same!


  2. Felicia,

    Looks like you might be getting closer to solving the mystery. I'll be anxious to hear what you uncover at the party. Keep us posted!