Saturday, March 26, 2011


I recently had the pleasure of meeting a new "Cousin" through Our connection comes from our "Brown" Ancestors.

Here is what I know about the Browns:

My GG Grandmother name was Norah Brown. Born to Maurice and Anna Brown.

She married Orange Granberry and had my Great Grandmother Miranda.

Norah passed away sometime after 1900 and before 1910 because I could not find her in the census after 1900, plus in 1917 Orange married Jennie Hegwood.

My MoM told me that her Father always spoke of being raised by his Grandmother, but I'm pretty sure it was not Norah because in 1910 he was in the household with his MoM and in 1920 he was in the household with Jennie and his Sister Paula because Orange had passed away by then.

Relayed this information to my new "Cousin" and here is her response:

Hello "Cousin" Felicia!

I just stumbled upon Maurice and Anna (referred to as "Anika" in the 1870 census, but could be just a spelling/handwriting error) Brown just recently. My great-great-grandmother Anna is your great-great-grandmother Norah's (spelled "Nora" in the 1880 census) older sister. I also confirm that they have a younger sister named Mary.

I haven't done much research on Maurice/Anna's children and their decendants yet, so you have provided me with more info -- thank you!

So as you can see we both have as much information as the other. I'm also assuming that Anna named a child after her thats how our GG Grandmothers were Sisters.

The question that I have is:

Did my Grandfather know of this side and never talk about them or did Orange keep them away?

I plan to keep in contact with this Cousin and work with her to find out as much information as we can. One answer leads to more questions and even when we find that new found Descedant it always leads to more questions.

This is where the Ancestors have guided me so I will continue my Research along this Family line. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for listening.


  1. Good luck!! Here's wishing you much ancestor mojo!!

  2. Congrats on finding the new cousin.

  3. Felicia,

    I think today I may have found Orange Granberry's death certificate.


  4. Hello Cousin Felicia and family! My name is Renee Merrill. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am the cousin that Felicia refers to in the post above. I'm so glad that I got the link to this blog again -- what a great job you have done on it! I had not seen this post until now, and I have some interesting updates from my end.

    I originally thought that I was descended from Norah Brown's sister Anna Brown Baggett as she had a daughter named Sabra. I had always heard that my mother's maternal grandmother (my mother's mother's mother) was named Sabra, and in doing census research, assumed incorrectly that Sabra Baggett (Anna's daughter) was my great-grandmother. I have since found out from marriage records that my ancestor was named Sabre SHEPARD. So, I thought that my connection to the Browns ended there.

    It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I found out the maiden name of my mother's PATERNAL grandmother (my mother's father's mother): Ella Cowart. I further confirmed this when I visited relatives in the Monticello/Brookhaven area and traced Ella Cowart back to her mother Matilda BROWN Cowart, another sister of Norah Brown! So, you are all still stuck with me as a cousin, despite the fact that I had the wrong sister and thought I was related to the Browns on my mother's mother's side, when in fact, I am related to them on my mother's FATHER's side!

    This was a great find for me, as you can imagine. So, I am STILL a proud descendant of Maurice and Anna Brown, but through their daughter Matilda, NOT their daughter Anna. This just shows that we should continue to ask our elders questions and continue to reach out to distant family members because, sometimes, the answers we seek are available if we just ask the right people the right questions! God bless!!!