Saturday, August 18, 2012


On a recent trip home to Chicago this past November, I stopped by my Aunt's home for a visit. On that visit we discussed my Blog and a little Genealogy. I was talking about my discoveries and she gave me the correct spelling of my Paternal Grandfather's name and she also gave me the name of my Paternal Great Grandmother: Maggie Wallace.

I tucked the name away and promised to look into things when I got back home to Maryland. Of course life got in the way and I did not revisit the name until this past Tuesday.

Since the 1940s Census has been fully indexed, I decided to do some snooping around on I remembered the name that my Aunt gave me(Maggie Wallace) and decided to look her up in the Census and there she was in 1940s living with her second husband John Wallace and my Paternal Grandfather was living in the home as well.

My Paternal Grandfather's name is Allen Peebles. He was born abt 1908 in Mooresville, Limestone, Alabama to Allen Peebles and Maggie(no surname yet). Allen had 2 siblings John H Peebles born abt 1909 and Lizzie Peebles born abt 1906. I have no further information on John and Lizzie as of yet. I do know from the 1930 census the Peebles family was living in Illinios. John had married someone named Maggie and had a daughter named Juanita. Allen and his mom Maggie was living the household as well. I found an Ohio death record for John looks like he passed away June, 28, 1986 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. I'm wondering did Maggie and Juanita move to Ohio with him?!!!

I was able to Locate a Death Record for Allen Peebles. He passed away April 12, 1954 in Illinois. Maggie Wallace passed away March 1974 in Illinois as well. My biggest discovery was a Death Record that I found for my Paternal Great Grandfather(Allen's father) who passed away Febuary 13, 1930 in Alabama. It has his father's name listed as Jim(could be short for James) Peebles and his mom was listed as Louisa(no surname yet). This further grows my Peebles line.

Now with all these discoveries, I have more questions than answers.

When I mentioned that my paternal Grandfather Allen was living in the household with his mom in the 1940s Census, there was a Georgia Peebles in the home listed as stepdaughter to the head of household and a 2 year old named Alma Peebles listed as granddaughter to the head of household. Could this be Allen's wife and daughter?!! Probably so.

I'm hoping that this post leads to some Peebles/Wallace descendants that might be still out there. This would be huge for my family. If there are, Speak Up, us Mathises would love to meet you.

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