Mathis/Matthews: Virgle Matthews born February 1872 in Arkansas. Married Alice Casey August 7, 1897 and had 7 children: Bethany, Virginia, Harriet, Etta, Virgle, Lily, and Willie(they were twins and Lily was my grandmother). No known date of death for Virgle.

Casey: Alice Casey born abt January 1883 in Arkansas and married Virgle Matthews in 1897. Alice had 5 siblings: Sue, P Jane, Ann, David, and Felix. Alice died in Chicago on October 12, 1937.

Smith: Robert L Smith(my grandfather) born July 26, 1906. Married Odessa Amos(my grandmother) sometime around 1946 and had two children: Bevery Esther(my mom) and Robert L Jr. Robert served in World War II and passed away sometime around February 25, 1976.

Granberry: Marinda Granberry born abt April 184 in Mississippi and had two children: Pauline Turner and Robert L Smith. Marinda's parents were: Orange Granberry and Norah Brown. Orange had a sisJohn ter named Mary Granberry. Once Norah passed away, Orange later married Jennie hegwood. No known date of death for Marinda, Norah, or Jennie.

Turner: John "Isiah" Turner born abt 1869 in Mississippi married Marinda Granberry sometime around 1903 and had 1 child: Pauline Turner. John better known as "Isiah" died June 15, 1904 in a logging accident at work.

Brown: Norah Brown born abt April 1866 and married Orange Granberry and had 2 children: Marinda Granberry and Hurbert Granberry. Norah had 4 siblings; Matilda, John, Lizzie, and Mary. Norah's parents were: Maurice brown and Anna ?. No known date of death for Norah.

Hegwood; Jennie Hegwood born abt 1863 and married Orange Granberry October 6, 1912. Jennie helped raise Robert and Pauline and is the only Grandmother that they knew. No Known date of death for Jennie.

Dixon: Pauline Turner married Edward J Dixon in 1959 in Mississippi. No known children or date of death for Pauline or Edward.

Wilson: Marinda Granberry married Ellis Wilson. No further information.